Partners/ Clients

We have executed or are currently engaged in the following activities and look forward to hearing from you:

  1. Building AgBiTech’s baculovirus business in 10+ African countries, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and assessing new opportunities, regulatory environments and market/ sales potentials in new geographies
  2. Establishing Crop Enhancement’s business in West Africa, and Western Europe
  3. Assessing the sorghum and cowpea seeds sector in Nigeria with Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture
  4. Supporting Cervest groundtruth its Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solution with a network of cereals farmers in France, and
  5. Designing a Go-To-Market model for a large multinational agri-inputs company with VEGA

Dr. Shachi Gurumayum, a Director of AgriMayum, also advises Cervest (London), LadyAgri (Brussels) as well as sits on the Advisory Board of Sahel Consulting (Lagos).


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